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M&J Thistlethwaite Earthworks provides top-of-the-line construction services, with specialties in Water & Drainage works, Environment & Heritage Groundworks, and Industrial & Commercial projects. With years of experience and expertise, let us help you with all your project needs.


Water & Drainage

We have the skills, experience, and equipment to deliver all of your water management and drainage works.

  • Water pipeline reinstatement

  • Water attenuation systems

  • Channel restoration & wetland creation

  • Pond construction and relining

  • Land drainage and diversions

  • Site enablement for utility contractors

  • Agricultural liaison and specialist reinstatement

Industrial & Commercial

We have the expertise and track record to complete your industrial and commercial construction works.

  • Construction & refurbishment of concrete transport yards

  • Drainage improvement and repairs

  • Construction of car parks

  • Refurbishment & extensions to industrial buildings


Environment & Heritage Groundworks

We possess the necessary skills, expertise, and plant to successful complete your environmental and heritage groundworks  on-time and on-budget.

  • Habitat creation & biodiversity

  • Restoration of heritage landscapes

  • Forest access and harvesting roads

  • Construction and improvement to footpaths


We are always enthusiastic about  new and specialized projects.

Call now to speak directly to one of our team.

01772 860042

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